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in town tomorrow night. >>> elsewhere reds at phillies, bottom 2 , great defensive play, from the high corner having a diving stop and he's out at first. philly wins 3-2. >>> in pittsburgh pirates catcher mike mchenry signing an autograph for a young fan at home plate. a long run and he makes the shoestring catch. pirates 1 -0. >>> women's lacrosse, the salisbury team avenge their 2012 loss in a championship game division three for ncaa. they won the 2013 third team today over connecticut on this given sunday, a hard day's night for elana petanna scores four games in women's lacrosse. >>> got some nba playoffs? we've got it, western conference finals, quincy poindexter. too little too late for the grizzlies in game one of the best of seven series because san antonio so full of vitality on the defensive boards, plenty of gas in their running game and the hot hand of tony parker, 20 points, nine assists as the spurs take care of business 105-83. that's sports. see you at 11:00. >> thanks so much. >>> be sure to tune into cbs tonight at 9:00 for superstars immediately followed by wjz eyew
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1